ACME will get your conference participants ready and in the right frame of mind to be able to process conference information!

Our workshop event is: "OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE 101"

After Our Presentation Conference Participants Will:

Have Made Connections With Their Conference Peers
Be Free From Their Regular Routine
Be De-Stressed And Ready To Gather Conference InformationWe will lead participants through activities that will allow them to relax and open up for the training to begin. Participants may even see their peers in a "different light"! ACME has done workshops at the annual NERSC Conference since 2006. Our "Out of Your Comfort Zone 101" led off the Conference for its 300 participants in 2010.

Engage your conference participants in activities BEFORE the conference begins or at the beginning of the conference!

A workshop done by ACME for NERSC INC: