We can adapt any program for any age group including elderly.

There are no losers in the games we play at ACME, everyone who plays is a winner!

We only announce a 'winner" so that we can move on to the next game.

We have 4 youth programs:

Bullying for ages 6-12.
Bullying as become a major issue in a child’s development. This topic is a must have for a child to learn at a young age. ACME will discuss, through role play and games, how to identify a bully, strategies in dealing with bullies and what do if being bullied. We will focus on the number one rule: Breaking the code of silence! This is a 3 part series program.

Teen Situations (single workshop or series)
From our experience, this population is by far the toughest to engage in activities. We at ACME feel that we have put together a program that will appeal to teens..... free pizza.... only kidding! But after much pushing and shoving, they will engage in activities where they will have to work together to solve some interesting situations. Situations called Radioactivity, the Bridge and Mystery Maze are just a few of the situations they will try and solve. The teens will work in their specific groups against others trying to do the same. We will also talk about what it felt like to be in their particular group (Did everyone participate, who was the leader, how did that make you feel, etc.). Laughter and fun are major components of this workshop. Snacks will be awarded to all participants. A series of three workshops will allow ACME to build a rapport with the teens, which should allow for more open communication and participation. Also a series will involve consistency, which is a major piece missing in teens' lives today.

All Ages Fun and Games
Everyone loves to play! It is good for our health and well being! ACME will adapt our fun and games program to fit your participants needs. If it is young kids, teens or elderly, ACME will get them going! Fun and laughter for sure! We can also adapt our presentation either inside or out and make it work with the space that you have.
Staff Infection
Positive energy is contagious! Using games, teamwork and a great deal of humor, get your young summer staff in the right frame of mind. Starting your staff off with a clear set of expectations, a strong feeling of togetherness and enthusiasm for the job is the best way to ensure a smooth summer. ACME Teamwork will help you create a training program where your staff will find their greatest asset is each other!

All ACME programs can be funded through the MassHousing Youth Rap grant and its' TAP program.Type your paragraph here.