“Pair off into threes..”
- Yogi Berra

In today's fast paced workplace, the need for employees to feel part of the organization is even greater than before! People often ask themselves, where do I fit in? Or am I just a number? Employees need activities that help foster teamwork and also help make everyone feel part of the "big picture". As managers, CEO's, receptionists, maintenance personnel, etc. get together, these titles mean nothing! All players are equal and as important in working toward a common goal. What a feeling!

How does our service change and improve your business?

Your employees feel part of a team, your organization, and not just a job
Your company's number one resource (it's people) will feel energized
Will have a positive effect on the employees' attitude
Raise company morale
Increase productivity

How is this possible?

"It is better to have one person working with you than three people working for you."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower

ACME will process after each activity to hear what your employees thought about communicating, leading, following, etc. during the activity. We at ACME understand that your company will not pay for just playing games. The money is in the training. The games and activities are used just as an opening for the training to begin! A simple example of the ACME philosophy would be imagining the president of a company on the same team as the janitor and their goal through some obstacles is to put a rubber chicken in a barrel! Their titles mean nothing as they are working equal for the moment. The feeling of togetherness after that game is one you do not get during the average workday! Do you think morale in the workforce will be more positive after this interactive workshop? We do! ACME sees each job as a chance for employees to become teammates. ACME realizes that some jobs aren't the greatest and some downright stink. But what ACME has come to realize is that you don't really work for the company at all. Who you really work for is yourself!! Yeah, that right you are an independent contractor. You sell yourself every day, be it good or bad. The choice is yours! What ACME means by this is as much as this workshop is about teamwork and communication it is also a personal growth tool. It's about becoming a better you!

Please view a video of an employee team building event at Appleton Corporation